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Be More - 90 Days of Strength with Megsquats.

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The rest of the fitness world and what they market has me exhausted. I’m bored of bodies that need to diminish to be ‘bikini ready.’ I’m sick of plans that have you eating too few calories, and wasting time with too-light body weight movements.

It seems as though shrinking into oblivion and any form of smaller-than-what-we-already-are is the only indicator of success.

If you’re ready to rebel against the media, the fitness industry, and anyone else who has asked you to be a smaller, more generally accepted, quieter, generic version of yourself, then keep reading...



I’m the leader of the Strong Strong Friends clan, athlete with multiple sponsorships, and have been featured in many strength and fitness publications like Barbend, Power Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Hers, and more. 

I'm also head boss lady and content creator of the Megsquats YouTube channel, 150,000 members strong.  

I’m writing to you because I’m ready to rattle the rest of the universe with you. I’m here to DEMAND that you BE MORE than anything you've ever been before.

Here’s what I mean:

  • You DON’T need to lose weight on the scale to achieve massive physique progress
  • You DON’T need to starve to create a body you’re proud of
  • You DON’T need a program that sucks out all of the fun
  • You DON’T need to be a competitive athlete to train like one
  • You DON’T need to be afraid to lift HEAVY

I wasn’t always the girl who seemingly does not give a flying f*ck what anyone thought about me. 

I was once timid. Quiet. Begging to go unnoticed

My fitness journey began running. Running to desperately diminish the small size I already was. Running to lose my love handles, to blend in, to mold my body into what everyone else told me was beautiful.

Unfortunately, I wasn't satisfied with my body or state of mind even aftr finishing a half marathon.

To me, this physique reminds me of the hard, long miles I put in on the trails. The hours and hours of running. It didn’t give me the lean and toned look I was going for. I began to wonder if I simply wasn’t cut out for visible abs or separated shoulders.

Luckily I was wrong. 

I will always be proud of my choice to run, but I am most thankful for where it brought me next: the barbell.

Since 4 years ago, when I first learned about strength training, I've been on a mission to BE MORE than I ever have been. Since learning about STRENGTH, I haven’t looked back at a world without it.

My body has grown about 20+lbs and I’m more lean than ever. 

I HAVE MUSCLES that make me strong, and make me LOOK STRONG also. I’ll never look back to life before lifting.

I’m not showing you these photos to impress you. I’m showing you them to impress upon you the drastic change that your body can make when you commit to a consistent strength program. 

Fortunately, Strength Training does not end at a physique transformation. After my first year, my my numbers have grown MASSIVELY, and I’ve progressed into an Elite Strength Athlete, finishing in the top percentage of my weight class for the USA, and holding multiple state records. 

I’ve Grown to be Strong.

My time in the gym is no longer spent hating my body and working towards changing it. I don’t judge my body for looking a certain way because I am PROUD of what it can DO.

I’ve found MEANING and INSPIRATION while making positive progression towards being the STRONGEST version of MYSELF.

I want you to be enlightened to my world of strength, and join me by replying ‘SCREW YOU’ to everyone not ready for the very best version of you. 

Hear from our athletes...

Shirou is new to the world of powerlifting, and saw her numbers explode over the last 12 weeks from a 165lb squat to 198lbs, 105lb bench to 110lbs, and 198lb deadlift to 242lbs. She is now eyeing her first powerlifting meet this coming November.

Joy, 52-year old mother of 9, is on the road to a 225lb squat, 130lb bench press, and 300lb deadlift at her meet in September, coming off her last competition in April where she went 197/115/287. 

Cody has spent the past 12 weeks improving his proficiency and confidence with heavy weights, squatting 315lbs for deep reps (after previously struggling to hit depth with 300lbs), bench pressing 225lbs as a daily minimum, and adding 60lbs to his deadlift to a confident new PR of 375lbs. 

Maria is in competition prep for USAPL Raw Nationals this October, where she's looking to break a 300lb+ squat, 170lb+ bench press, and a 310lb+ deadlift at <126lbs bodyweight, up from her previous PRs of 290/165/300. 

Is BEING MORE a bad thing? 

Being More may be a scary concept to wrap your head around. I’ve coached over 400 athletes on their path to gaining strength, losing weight, and competing in the strength world. The end results are 100% always towards the direction of YOUR GOAL, whether that is to get stronger, build muscle, lose fat, look better naked, peak for a meet, or put on the confidence to approach the barbell like a boss.

Here’s what you get when choosing to ‘BE MORE’

  • Direct access to Megsquats via live videos and Q&A on a weekly basis
  • 90 Days of Programming Customized to the Individual Lifter 
  • The absolute BEST nutrition template and guidance in the strength industry, created by a team of doctors, dieticians, and world champions
  • 12 Weeks of Personalized Technique Feedback provided by a TEAM of coaches and experts to guide you across all aspects of the program 
  • Our coaches have in-person training experience, are competitive athletes at the national or international level, and hold accreditation from governing bodies including NSCA, Crossfit, and YogaWorks. 
  • Weekly Lift Curriculum in both Video and Written Form
  • Unique Confidence Progression Materials (Strength Journey Journal)
  • Access to an online community of like-minded, supportive individuals all on their own unique path to be the strongest and best version of themselves
  • Accountability coaching, with several points of contact throughout the week and weekly requirements and lessons to keep you on track 
  • Upon completion, access to our exclusive and limited membership Be More - Infinite Strength only for lifters who have graduated from the ‘Be More’ Program AND
  • Access to an in person event at the end of the program. Details are TBD, but the retreat package includes a seminar, fully planned weekend with Megsquats and the team, 1-on-1 in person coaching, and possible guest speakers (the cost to attend this event is extra, but only members of Be More get access to attend).

Our last round of Be More ended with a stellar in person event where we hit PRs and got the chance to spend quality time together. Lifters came from Europe, Canada, and the West Coast to a weekend full of fun and strength. Meg and Strong Strong Friends are dedicated to making your experience unforgettable.

This is your chance to get access to the official Infinite Strength Athlete Community. A pack of powerlifters and strength athletes, who are serious about training, and working together to reach goals. You'll get regular customized programming, weekly feedback, and a Phase 2 version of the athlete community that holds 'Be More' together.  

This option is only available for lifters who have graduated Phase 1 of coaching, so your community will be full of lifters who take their progression seriously and can support you to getting to the next level.  

As our coaching team grows, your access to different areas of expertise grows as well. Users in 'Be More' get 100% FREE access to any online coaching tools and resources.

Give me 3 months and I will guarantee you results. If you do the work, and don't see a difference in any facet of your life, whether physique, strength, enjoyment, or improved mental techniques, I will give you your money back*, 100% guarantee.


Our next session has limited spots to guaruntee individualized, regular feedback to all of our athletes. DON'T MISS OUT, claim your full potential and get strong with our methods, community, and coaching. 

Today, take back the right to grow and BE MORE.

Enrollment is now closed Join our waitlist to join our group in early 2018

Join Us today and BE MORE for 3 monthly payments of $225. Join our community, get awesome programming and coaching and more: 

  • Direct access to Megsquats via live videos and Q&A on a weekly basis
  • A TEAM of coaches to ensure your experince is top notch
  • 90 Days of Customized Programming 
  • The absolute BEST nutrition template and guidance in the strength industry
  • 12 Weeks of Technique Feedback
  • Weekly Lift Curriculum in both Video and Written Form 
  • and more...