There is nothing more raw or powerful than loading some heavy ass weight on a bar and doing the simplest possible thing you can do - LIFT!  

When was the last time you pulled a deadlift PR?  

Do you feel like your strength in all of your lifts has been increasing, but your deadlift just won’t budge?  

Do those big milestone numbers like 225, 315, or 405lbs always seem just out of reach?  

If so, then this is the program for YOU. Double down and join me over the next 4-weeks, with a training plan will take you through a rigorous deadlift protocol designed to set a new PR when you retest at the end of the program.

You will still squat, bench press, and hit accessory movements, but at the end of the day, this program is all about building a big pull.

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Who should run the program?

  • Lifters who've been training with the deadlift for at least 3 months and are proficient in the movement. Complete beginners are NOT advised to run this progression.
  • General gym go-ers who've never tested their deadlift strength
  • Somene looking for a no bullshit, high volume program to help get through plateau
  • Lifters who find their deadlift strength falling behind a growing squat and bench