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We built our level two nutrition course, Macro Mastery, as a way for you gain an even deeper understanding of nutrition, provide you with access to more advanced tools, and give you actionable steps to implement them into your lifestyle. 

If you’re looking for competition level body fat percentage, podium finishes, photoshoot ready goals, or ready for a dedicated transformation, this is the course for you.

We’ve helped thousands of clients hack their habits, master their macros, and get in the best shape of their lives. Our course provides an easy-to-use system to make tackling your goals simpler than ever — all for just $2/week.

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What Macro Mastery Will Help You Do

  • Get competition level-strong, drop a weight class, lose body fat, or focus in on a true transformation
  • Ditch the mainstream fad diets for good
  • Master tools, like macro counting and meal timing
  • Push past strength and body composition plateaus 
  • Find the support you need for life changing goals

Topics Covered in Macro Mastery

WEEK 1: Macro Counting 101 

WEEK 2: Macro Tracking Tools

WEEK 3: Tracking Progress

WEEK 4: Mainstream Diets and Why They (Sometimes) Work

WEEK 5: Beyond Your Macros: Fat, Fiber + Sugar  

WEEK 6: Supplements

WEEK 7: Meal Timing 

WEEK 8: Diet Compliance & Hunger Management