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We built our first ever Nutrition Course as a guide to help you understand what good nutrition is, and provide you with the knowledge and actionable steps to implement it into your lifestyle. 

If you're someone who wants to lose fat and gain muscle, gain mass and bulk, or just looking to incorporate healthy, sustainable eating habits into your lifestyle without saying no to your favorite foods, then this is the program for you! 

This is not an 8 week crash course into dieting, or a challenge to lose as much weight as possible. We're building skills, implementing tasks each week, and giving you the information that will motivate and inform your success.

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What This Course Will Help You Do

  • Get a clear picture of your outcome goals, and understand what changes you need to make to get there.
  • Understand the basics of nutrition, and how you can take what you’re doing now and make small adjustments to get a little bit better.
  • Learn strategies to ensure that you are dialing in your hydration, optimizing your performance, and feeling your best (both in and out of the gym).
  • Find limiting factors that are holding you back from your goals, whether that is gaining muscle, losing body fat, or simply feeling your best.
  • Identify what behaviors will help you achieve progress, and how you can work them into your life.
  • Build shopping skills at the grocery store.
  • Understand meal building, cooking skills, and how to order at a restaurant in alignment with your goals.
  • Build an environment that is conducive to what you want, and ignite social support with family and friends.

Module Titles + Topics Covered in our Nutrition Course 1

WEEK 1: Goals 

WEEK 2: Basics of Nutrition

WEEK 3: Hydration 

WEEK 4: Limiting Factors and How to Find Them  

WEEK 5: Behaviors  

WEEK 6: Shopping Skills  

WEEK 7: Food, Cooking Skills, Eating out guide 

WEEK 8: Environment and Social Support