Powerlifting & Strength Programming

Whether you're new to strength training, or a seasoned competitor, our monthly programming option will track and adjust your protocol depending on your goals and your progress.

  • Monthly, individualized programming
  • Peaking protocol, off season hypertrophy, or long-term meet planning programs that are customized to YOU
  • Monthly programming check-ins to monitor progress, and make proper adjustments to programming
  • Platform guidance and meet day plans for competitors
  • Your price: $180 $60/monthly installments (for a limited time only)

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I love the personality that I saw in all of megs videos, she is very genuine! Espeically in a world were online coaching has turned into seeing how much money people can make by giving people bad and generic programming. Every single program is custom to the lifter and what their goals are, weather that is just to get strong AF, to do a meet, or to just to begin lifting. She has something for everyone and I wanted to work with someone that was actually going to answer my questions and give me the time of day while getting me stronger.  

Danielle Strange, 24

"I'm much more confident in all of my lifts. I've always had a pretty strong fear of failing and this program has essentially forced me to overcome that. Just getting past that mental block has made a big difference in being able to go for a little more and push myself for another rep. My squat depth is better, my bench is more confident and I just feel like a more confident lifter all around. And bros ask me to spot them now, so I feel badass for that."

Rachel Kiefer, 32