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The pull-up progression focuses on utilizing the movement that will increase stabalizer strength, grip capability and increase time under tension to reach your pull-up goals. Check out a limited sample and the accompanied video for free!

I'm offering a free sample because I KNOW it works. You can incorporate just one movement into your daily routing to start to feel more comfortable hanging on the bar and inching closer to pulling your bodyweight up without bands or assistance. 

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I'm Meg Gallagher. I'm a record holding powerlifter and currently able to do 14 strict pull-ups unbroken. I've learned from the strongest lifters in the world, an am dedicated to getting people like you strong and avoid wasting your time in the gym.

Years went by doing crossfit and extra bodybuilding work in the gym and still unable to get my first pull-up down. I was lifting like crazy, adding muscle and losing fat. I always assumed once I hit a certain level of athleticism and general strength, that pull-ups would just come naturally. I was wrong. 

It wasn't until I implemented the specific pull-up progression found in this program, that I started finally pulling my chin over the bar. Staying consistent for 12 weeks on these movements will get you closer than you've ever been to the most coveted and bad ass bodyweight movement.

I want you to learn now, what can get you closer to your goal of getting your first pull-up, and avoid wasting anymore time with movements that won't directly impact your pull-up progress. 

The Thing That Holds Most of Us Back

The thing that holds most people back when conquering the pull-up is consistency. I can give you all the free advice in the world, but stats show that you're unlikely to commit unless you have a mapped out plan. So take the initiative today and just download the FREE option. 

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